The CommonSpot is both our shared office and our community. Our ability to thrive depends on a productive and healthy coworking and our ability to foster a creative and collaborative working environment. Below are the general guidelines for sharing our space equitably and respectfully. This is a working list. We welcome suggestions!

  1. Be kind and show respect to our coworkers and visitors.

  2. Keep phone calls and conferences at your workstation to a minimum. If a phone call lasts more than 1 minute, please move to the lounge, rear balcony, phone booth, or a room with no coworkers present if possible.  If you cannot find suitable space, please do your best and speak with the office manager for suggestions or if this becomes a common issue.

  3. Clean up after yourself. Think of this especially when leaving a room.  Please leave it clean, uncluttered, and ready for its next occupant.

  4. Consider contributing books, DVDs, magazines or other materials if interest to our family to the lounge or shared library in the front conference room.

  5. Please dispose of waste in the designated bins: compost, recycling, and garbage.  All food waste goes to the kitchen -- currently the compost bin in the freezer. Our compost currently includes meat, tea bags, and coffee grounds but not compostable-ware like corn-plastic utensils (garbage) or cardboard plates (recycling).  Please do not put any food waste in the garbage can and quickly rinse or wipe any food out of containers before disposing them in the garbage or recycling bins to reduce odor.  Carry out as much waste as possible to avoid a stinky workplace. Please use re‐usable containers for lunch and snacks.

  6. Avoid printing material that could remain in digital form.

  7. Avoid adding odors to the space, as many people are sensitive to them.  This includes strong perfumes and colognes.  Smoking is not permitted indoors.  While food is permitted throughout the space, foods that are especially aromatic should be kept to the kitchen/lounge area.

  8. Turn off lights or appliances that aren't being used, even if you didn't turn them on.

  9. If you are the last person to leave, turn off the lights, close all windows, and lock the doors.

  10. Let us know when something needs fixing or improving!

As you may have noticed, some of these "House Rules" are really guidelines subject to opinion and dependent on who is sharing the room with you at the time. So, please ask your coworkers. Likewise, speak up if something is affecting your ability to work. These House Rules will continue to evolve. Let us know if you have any suggestions.  Thank you!