The Cherry Arts is a not-for-profit arts facilitator and presenting organization. We support a wide range of artists and arts organizations, in a variety of disciplines. We do this primarily by hosting them, and their work, in the Cherry Artspace is a flexible, multidisciplinary arts and performance venue in Ithaca. We support the Cherry Arts Collective, which develops new performance works that are radically local, radically international, and formally innovative. The Cherry curates a full season of programming in the Artspace, including dance, music, puppetry, visual arts, and other exceptional works from Ithaca-area artists and beyond.


Camp Earth Connection is a natural campground and retreat center that offers cabin and tent camping, community retreats, summer youth programs, and a safe space for children, families, and individuals. Our programs are inclusive and anti-biased and provide a diverse staff to meet the needs of a diverse community in an alcohol and drug free environment.  We create communities that embrace and respect diversity.

Check One Two is the local design business of Matt Lowe, a young graphic designer who got his start in the industry through promoting his own bands. He enjoys developing branding and other graphics for musicians, bands, artists, small businesses, and nonprofits. Matt is also a trombonist playing in a number of bands locally and nationally. You can see his professional portfolio at his website at but if you're curious about any of his other endeavors, artistic, musical, or otherwise check out his personal website at

Creating Change provides strategic organizing, research, and public relations services to grassroots groups, nonprofits, and Native Nations, in order to empower people to protect, sustain, and improve the places and communities they love. Clients have included: New Yorkers Against Fracking, Cayuga Nation, Onondaga Nation, and American Indian Law Alliance.

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¡CULTURA! aims to share Latino and Latin American culture with the Ithaca community through easily-accessible, free or low-cost, arts-based educational experiences offered throughout the year in downtown Ithaca.  Each ¡CULTURA! series focuses on a specific artistic discipline from a broad range including handcrafts, music, storytelling, and food.  Community members and college students are invited to coordinate a series, or teach a specific lesson within a series. ¡CULTURA! also offers support to other Latino and Latin American arts and educational endeavors in the community. 

DE² (Distributed Energy, Distributed Equity) is a start-up group of three consultants working under the fiscal sponsorship of the Cooperative Development Institute to develop consumer cooperative models for community ownership of distributed electric generation in NYS.  Taking advantage of the recent policy changes in New York State, DE-squared is working to make it cost-effective and affordable for people of all income levels to transition together to green electric generation using structures of shared ownership.

Integrity Communication Group can help you and your employees communicate effectively and with integrity. As peacemakers who specialize in training and development, our team offers an approach to communication and conflict that breathes grace and brings integrity and wisdom to the table. We will show you how to turn conflict into an opportunity that can promote better personal and business relationships.

Ithacash is a new local tender that works alongside legal tender in helping people get things they want and need. It operates in and around Ithaca, NY, where it is building on the legacy of the Ithaca HOURs local currency by putting forward new ideas about what money is and how it can be reimagined in service of the people and our planet.

Leslie Ackerman has taught and mentored hundreds of small business owners at all stages of development since 2002. Formerly Director of the Business CENTS program at Alternatives Federal Credit Union, in 2016 Leslie launched a new venture as a Freelance Business Goddess.  Her “Leslie’s Laws of Business” have been immortalized on key chains and even laser-engraved onto tortillas.  She aims to help make your entrepreneurial ventures profitable AND fun.


Making Money Sacred helps women heal their relationship with money so they can create the wealth they need to live the lifestyle they desire and deserve.  Are you ready to live a lifestyle that truly reflects your purpose and your passion? Consider enrolling in a workshop with Making Money Sacred.


New York Sustainable Business Council (NYSBC) is an alliance of businesses across New York State committed to advancing public policy that brings greater equity, environmental sustainability, inclusivity and democracy to our communities. Our network includes regional business organizations across the state such as Local First Ithaca and The SEEN here locally. We amplify the voice of over 1500 small businesses through our lobbying efforts, and we help connect business owners with the tools they need to understand and influence the policies that impact their businesses.

One Acre Fund serves smallholder farmers. In everything we do, we place the farmer first. We measure success in our ability to make more farmers more prosperous. We envision a future in which every farm family has the knowledge and means to achieve big harvests, support healthy families, and cultivate rich soil. We are field-focused with operations in Kenya, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi, but have support staff spread across the globe.

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Tyler Admissions Consulting helps students find a college where they are likely to be successful and graduate. Dr. Lucia Tyler has helped over 150 students with college and graduate school admission. Each year she travels to over 25 universities to evaluate their culture and programs in order to help her students find a good college fit.  So far, she has visited over 250 colleges in all parts of the country.

We Are Seneca Lake is an ongoing, citizen-based, grassroots campaign that seeks to protect Seneca Lake and the surrounding region from the health and environmental risks associated with the storage of fracked gas in the salt mines underneath Seneca Lake’s hillside. These products of fracking include natural gas (consisting largely of methane and other hydrocarbons) as well as propane and butane, collectively known as LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gases). This local effort has now engaged over 1,000 activist and has received worldwide recognition. Our intention is to direct the future of our community down sustainable, renewable pathways.

WSKG is an NPR member station in South Central New York State.  Due to our hilly terrain, the signal is repeated on a variety of FM frequencies located throughout the region including 90.9 FM in Ithaca. The station's programming includes NPR talk radio programs, NPR news, classical music, jazz, and folk music. WSKG Public Telecommunications Council is a cooperative non-profit of the State University of New York Board of Regents and New York State Department of Education.